Our Members and Guides

As a spiritual guide and guru and founder and member of Mayine Tree, Ayan has devoted most of his time as a healer, mentor and guide; in healing ascension seekers and light-workers. A Vedic/Akashic astrologist, Intuitive Energy healer, Homo Luminous guide — his approach to holistic method is ‘Quantum Healing’ that comprises of Mantras (highest potent vibrations), Dhyaan (meditation), Sacred Geometry, Ayurveda (herbs), Gemstones, Rudraksh (beads), Reiki, Energised Water, Telepathy et all to name a few. DNA cleansing and its activation features in Mayine Tree’s healing sessions of Quantum Healing.

A natural energy, intuitive healer and a ‘riverer’ of energy/ascension related updates to facilitate the inquisitive light seeking individuals into the world of Mayine Tree living, Quality Living. Welcome to the reality of Mayine Tree living! She loves to write and always happy to connect with light-workers. Ayan is her mentor and guide, and so besides her contribution on ascension writing, of energy information or ‘rivering’ , Ayan’s wisdom tree shall act as her source of information for this blog.


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