Spiritual Gateways

Spiritual Gateways are offering every individual a chance to steadily continue to climb the dimensional stairsteps. The portals that opened in 2014 prepared humanity for more intense gateways in the coming years. We attempted to present a simple glimpse into the significance and importance of these gateways to the Galactic families and to all of us. These are historic moments that may not repeat themselves untill a very long time; untill the next cyclical shift of the ages and yugas !


Dwarka: The City of Krishna (Atlantis of the East )


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A look at the strange ancient artifacts that regularly wash up on the shores of modern-day Dwarka… and what they could mean.

Astronomical expert Dr. Narahari achar’s irrefutable evidence that Dwarka could be one of the oldest civilizations in human history.

Did Dwarka possess futuristic flying machines and nuclear weapons thousands of years before the rest of the world? This compelling evidence is impossible to ignore.

Why the indian government abruptly forced the original dwarka excavation team to halt all exploration of its ruins on the arabian sea bed.

and much more.

Energies of September–October

–By Anamika.

September started with a bang! We witnessed major eruptions of solar flares around the first week, followed by some filaments outburst, all leading to two common and important factors for this month’s energy build ups- protons and electrons. The major eruptions were ‘X class’ and ‘M class’ category that brought along a plethora of these waves, necessary for raising the level of consciousness.

The CME and the enormous eruptions are epic in the time being because this has happened after the sun has had its poles flip. Just imagine the timing of the eruptions, the cosmos sure know how to work their way! The sun released multidimensional light energy through the CME since the ejections help in a quickening of release of old energy. September’s energies are most intense at the moment. It is indeed a big thing, the solar bombardments. Not only the CMEs, but emotional anchor, the moon, also prepared the people through its full moon phase during 9:9.

In simple words, this is to re affirm that the moon deals with innermost emotional attachments. This is the time, when the lunar energies ask you to decide and let go what is unimportant. It may be assumed that the space created by ‘letting go’ of unimportant emotional debris, the space which it creates makes way for the sun to fill those gaps with protons and electrons that work with our system to upgrade us. Upgrades and consciousness is a never ending process, it only gets better each time we surrender to the energies. Best is to let go now, any unfit filaments of lower dimensional way of thinking and reacting to situations or anything that distracts your higher purpose. The Sun, is heaving the efforts of relieving and cleaning the beings from the core.

Both the sun and the moon are cleansing us from the deepest core, and because of their dual effects,  there can be a rise in strange behaviours in people.

Due to many reasons and issues of previous timelines, unstable forces and extreme polarities that remain buried within cellular subatomic layers bring in a sense of loss of identity in some. Our alchemical process leading to purification is akin to heating metal, where impurities surface up in liquid metal and purify it, the finished product is pure gold achieved by means of extreme heating to get rid of impurities. The same applies to humans during spiritual and physiological alchemy. The lost sense of identity and confusion may physically manifest in many amongst us. There could be growing confusion such as occurrences of hidden egos, negative or demonic side, other unpleasant behaviours and attitude. The inner purge from the deepest cellular change taking place in subatomic layers is responsible for the sense of loss of identity. Do remember, everything is a result of purging of undesired stored away traits. If someone behaves erratic or irrational or in some sort of negative way, then it can be assumed that the person’s inner purge is taking place at the cost of his/her ego challenge. The constant mood swings, anger, frustration, suppression, projection et all are ego defense.

This period is witnessing extreme polarities, so much so that it can either stimulate a person’s hidden distortions to explode or it may stimulate a person’s purity of inner higher heart. Polarisation has the tendency to make one feel peaceful and comfortable or extremely volatile and turbulent. This ongoing deep cellular level Alchemy has the tendency to introduce the most extreme of poles, the experience of polarisation remains until a thorough balancing of mind, body and spirit is achieved.

Ascension is an alchemical process and it is meant to decompose karmic pattern in order to birth crystalline beings. So naturally, karma and ego surface up to purge impurities from the deepest core. The energies purify everyone.

Many a wise souls have consistently said to us all, to let go and not fight the changes. You see, the moon gently asks for your hand to take you through the varying journey of baggage shedding, by helping you leave behind undesired trails that once used to be your false identity, and to dissolve it forever — now is the time. If you don’t do so, the solar waves or the solar energies (words don’t matter here to describe the energies) forcibly enter the chambers of your vessel and make the necessary changes. That, then, becomes painful, erratic and nevertheless a prolonged process.

As widely accepted and understood, Sun’s energy is being relayed starting from the Central Sun of the Milky Way to which we belong. The energy direction is usually like a relay of passing over the baton from one to the other. The Central Sun, the main sun, relays the energy direction to Sirius, which then directs towards Alcyone, and whereby from which our sun finally receives the relay message to deliver us the light showers. Right now, however, our Sun is also receiving some form of other particle based energies directly from the Central Sun, yes ‘direct receiver of the central sun’. It is a big thing indeed because those particles finally reach earth and into us !

So kindly cooperate, sit down and breathe consciously. Wise men have known the importance of conscious breathing.
Take in as much oxygen, it helps calm down the physiological discomforts observed during the onset of solar flares in our atmosphere. Since these updates are less of intuitive and more of observation and experience, we recommend the reader’s to concentrate and try to seek the mental balance this month. Patience is necessary, the same patience you carried on all along the most intense 1st phase of 2014. Congratulations to all !

During this time, discomforts such as heart palpitations, pressure or currents observed at cerebrum chamber leading towards the forehead near the 3rd eye, pressure in the occipital lobes and eyes, tensed vision are all common symptoms. Intense sleepy feel, aching feet, heaviness in hands & legs, and many more.

On occasions, one might simply feel the eye sight sees all things bright, way too bright. Then there could be muscular pains to the left side of the body, painful arms as though flooded with tremendous energies. This is the ongoing update to tell us that clearance is in process. Any other discomforting symptoms, consult with your guru. Seek the right natural medicines with your guru’s help or Ayurvedic doctor well versed about ascension. Natural medicines always help in supplementing necessary energy to the organs, and also minimise the discomforts.

Depending upon individual frequency level, in some, there is increase in visual insight, inner visions, inner lights, seeing auras and experiencing vivid dreams and other symptoms of expanding consciousness. Also, certain dreams and visions can re-trigger days of strange dreams and can provoke unpleasant bouts of thoughts, this may indicate some leftover karmic patterns from previous lifetimes and timelines that need assistance for clearance. Do not get attached to any symptom, for the symptoms keep evolving and improving as the soul and body evolve.

Physiological symptoms are usually a collective account of the changes we are seeing in numerous people undergoing ascension. At the moment, as per the yogic scribe there also will be changes observed in the endocrine system, including the optic nerve, optic chiasm, occipital lobes and increased ATP production. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life. It acts as a neurotransmitter and histamine increasing blood flow in the brain. It is the high-energy molecule that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do. It is present in the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of every cell, and essentially all the physiological mechanisms that require energy for operation obtain it directly from the stored ATP.

Each solar flare means, that the Sun speeds up sending of huge masses of protons and electrons toward us. Protons and electrons are not just particles, they are energies, they are waves that simulate the action as fuel providers for the functioning of ATP for deeper level cellular rewiring.

There are increased activities on earth’s physiology during the solar flares such as tectonic plate movements, shallow earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in dormant and inactive volcanoes; also such solar flares are potent enough to bring to life a deemed extinct volcano. Drastic climatic changes, plate shifts, ashes, gases, lavas and etc, she is spewing what had been unfit for her. Our earth is evolving. All this is happening not in a linear speed as often foretold, but fast forwarding for better changes and adaptability. Brilliant !

Most importantly, there may be no major false flags, based on the planetary liberation intel reports. Do not fall for false flags, and do not get attached to any particular disturbing event that you read about or research. Point is, it is good to be aware and spread awareness, and use that knowledge/truth to lift up your ascension process. BUT, don’t immerse your energy into it, chances are it drains you in ways more than you can imagine. Any false flag or events created by negative forces have the tendency to feed on your aura, so maintain a safe distance. Learn and maintain that distance. Empathy is good, over empathising is not. It is akin to ‘helping is nice, being used is not’. So do remember, maintain a steady focus on ascension and when researching on conspiracy theories, stay detached.

maa durga

Image: Goddess Shakti during Durga Puja festival. This is the classic depiction of the goddess, notice the intensity in her eyes, the eyes are such soon after she kills the demons to bring peace and calm on earth.


Meanwhile, the effects of flares won’t halt yet; they will keep coming, and forecasts of more solar eruptions and CMEs are pouring in reportedly from many dedicated sources. This month marks a timeline, near about timeline, of the energies that are peeking and up towards the final months of the 2nd phase of earth’s reform. October will be another eventful month in terms of energy and liberation of the planet from the darker realities since we will get to observe a Total Lunar Eclipse. Marking a special event in the Hindu calendar, October will also remain under the important influence of goddess energies. Starting from 25th September to 30th October, the days will mark the invocation of supreme Goddess Shakti and special portals are to remain open for the seekers. Sanatan Dharma, loosely termed as Hindus in the modern era, will celebrate Navaratri /Durga Puja and Deepawali during Sept-Oct, all festivals connected with the goddess, the days of highest goddess recipient energies. These months will be full of exciting energies !

The Earth and we are getting undivided attention from the cosmos! And all the masters and yogis are just as excited as we all are! It also reminds us about the recent crop circles that were formed some days ago. We had posted the videos our blog here– interesting shapes and foretelling of a future event about to occur for all humanity. The cosmos do make constant reminders that the process of ascension does not stop in any juncture, and just as the Shiva and Shakti are offering us their support to the humanity, it is the duty of each soul to fulfil their destiny. Fulfil it by making genuine efforts and feel inspired by the souls who work patiently with dedication to give a future filled with heaps and heaps of lights!

In Sept-Oct try to practice detachment, there will be split and separation in timelines, and don’t bother if some situations ask you to abandon attachment with someone or something. It must be happening to teach you to love without conditions and without attachments. Think Krishna, he loved all equally but without any material attachment. This month, let things be and let them go, then reach out to your innermost core, and find out what is it that you seek.


Image credit: Ayan.


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