The Portal

Quite an interesting documentary on ancient civilisations.

Watch the documentary “The Portal”, about the discovery of an area of access and communication with a beneficial extraterrestrial civilisation.
The film presents the diary of a journey in this area, which was revealed 15 years ago by a race of beneficial extraterrestrial beings. The testimonies of those who have perceived the subtle influence of the place, and the captivating video documentary correlate and elucidate, to a certain degree, the mystery of the area.

The Portal will take you through the integrated information on the ancients’ accurate measurements and calculations on celestial events and bodies. Sophisticated technology and much more ! Watch it with the sub-titles !



August Gateway Journey Made Easy !


— by Anamika.

Stop, breathe, relax and let your heart merge its rhythms with the universe, let it discover the attunement.

There is harmony in the need to stay calm and breathe in the air that surrounds us. Mindful breathing, deep breathing also better known as Praanayam, the extension of life force – imparts the knowledge and importance of deep mindful breathing.
We are all connected with the universe like the tiny threads wound in the super massive chord that anchors us to the centre of our existence.

I had wanted to write something about the gateway that started on 4th, and while I manage to write this piece for the ones I call my folks in ascension, I am beginning to struggle to fine-tune my words and sentences. Energy effects, and how ! You know, a little nudge from the mother, reminds us that we have entered a zone where we need to give up on remembering everything that as been conditioned into us during our tenure on Earth. Even memories suffer the habitual predispositions in remembering the old everyday 3D network. Its hard to keep up I guess. Often it is the old conditioning that remains reluctant to let go. But I think unless you offer this conditioning the glimpses of a brighter side from a window of positivity, you’d be stuck to the old paradigm. The conditioning, which is the kind of monotony we lead, in it we often overlook to change our gears and stop a little by. Please, stop, wait a little, pause a bit, calm down, says the Mother. What is the hurry all about? Appreciate and acknowledge yourself, wherever you stand, and which ever stairstep you think you are placed in, be thankful. As ascension workers, you have taken yourself up ahead and you need not worry for how far you need to go because everyone of us have been assigned different set of tasks for execution, all for the betterment of our society that needs Love.

In August, just when we are travelling through the portal, within it are changes so profound which would infuse in us its pure light pure as a swan. Just keep your intentions clear. If you want to feel the energies of this historic gateway then let go off the fear you may still harbour. I was reading a piece of information on planet earth by a lead galactic federation member (his team amongst few others have been freeing the planet from team dark of highest order such as Chimera and Archons). He said that the Cabal (team dark) is now engineering events (plane crashes, Ebola scare) and hyping them through the mass media to keep human masses in the state of fear. All this happening within or nearby a span of time when humanity has/had had to enter the gateway. Makes perfect sense! Throw the parasitic fear away. The cabal know the breakthrough of Light is near but they still want to do whatever they can to postpone it.

This Gateway is an important transitional period which was  forecast by our wise ancient sages many ages ago. These energies can significantly transform us but just because this is a transitional phase of most importance, you won’t want to exhaust yourself down to the brink of any sort of breakdown whether mental or physical only because you want to feel the miracles happen NOW. Miracles happen, but miracles are mostly felt from within once you are aligned to the universe with a calm mind. Some may say the energies are fast paced. Yes they may be fast moving, but it may not signify your need to rush into it. Please make no hurry for the fear of losing on consciousness ascension. You must be comfortable at your own pace in the manner your health and body permits. On some, the energies may be making different impacts such as sore throat, or fevers, headaches, nausea, painful muscles, fatigue, and forgetfulness and so on. SOMETIMES, a fruitful catch you can make is to sit and relax, let the winds do the job for you when it will blow the tree to shake off all those sweet apricots on the ground. Similarly, energetic shift will happen, but for that to happen, you need to have patience and a calm mind. I am referring you to move with the flow and not push the river but you need to differentiate that moving with the flow does not mean resigning yourself to undesirable fate. Calm mind can process the higher energies much faster than a mind filled with convoluted thoughts. Being calm means there must be no exterior disturbance occurring each minute to impregnate your mind time and again. That’s when meditation helps bring calm.

Because this period is about transitional shifts, planets are never far behind. All the energetic shifts are a result of the conjunction angles and trines of the planets Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon. But as individuals too, each of our natal chart planets act uniquely upon us. In general reference, you’d already know that our signature trait is unique to us by birth, influenced by the same planets that also inhabit our sun’s orbit. The vibratory elements of the planets influence us wholly and completely !
So when a Jyotishi studies your birth chart, abiding by the Vedic Shastra he/she must ensure to bring equilibrium in your planetary traits. That being given, part of his job is to also ensure your karmic cleansing. Once the karmic cleansing begins, that is when the equilibrium can be reached to set a trigger into your DNA for your ascension/consciousness process.

Only in a new age phenomena has a fancy caught amongst many to use natal chart on improving financial and personal gains. Claims of magic healings that happen in a jiffy ! Preposterous claims ! Such practices only render the seeker with more karmic debt that keeps piling up. New age healing and natal reading is often akin to a mirage in the desert. In reality, the very ancient healing method to improve and propel healing and karmic cleansing is Jyotish. To simply put, you cannot achieve consciousness by only singing and offering hymns to God. Your soul’s improvement would see positive results through the science of vibrational healing of chants of sacred mantras that vibrate uniquely to match with your unique frequency. These mantras power charge your cells and help remove the debris from the DNA over a period of time depending upon your dedication to the cause. There are many powerful mantras available with mainstream healers, but unless mantras match with your vibrations and with your influential planets, those are of little help. You would be wrong to claim that a healer cleansed you thoroughly in just a day’s sitting. Karmic debt that has accumulated for over thousands and millions of years, if you expect one healing session of a few hours of mins to cleanse you off it all, then forgive me, your expectation is totally wrong! There are no shortcuts in raising consciousness and vibrations. And we would not have needed births after rebirths if we regained consciousness with just the touch of magic wand !

This remaining weeks of August, try to seek equilibrium into you through Praanayam. If you are amongst those enthusiastic souls desiring to raise your consciousness to umteenth possibility during this gateway then do not over exhort your energies. One cannot stabilise self by forceful means. That is why, take a day off only to calm down and be with yourself. You do not need an entire day to chant mantras. This is a holy month dedicated to Lord Shiva, if you haven’t identified your signature mantra yet then you can chant the universal Maha Mrityunjay or perhaps listen to it, depending on your energy levels. Go out walking, go bare feet if you feel like, meditate under a tree, talk to the plants, feed the birds, cuddle with your pets, laugh with the winds, feel the air that freshens your inner being. Talk to the stars, and moon and sun. Do something that connects you to the nature and makes you happy. It may all sound poetic, but is effective.

The universe is a superconducting sentient soul and therefore what you make of yourself is reciprocated consequently by the universe too. We all are navigating through the inter multi-dimensions of this gateway up until mid-way August. Find yourselves, and step away from the cacophony which refracts the Cosmic rhythm and sound, listen to your breath with the divine chants of OM. Still if you find in you any balance out of order that you fail to address, talk to gurus or healers. Words of wisdom always help 🙂 . But first, find yourself , because when you are able to do that, is when the consciousness begins to make you its dwelling.

In the universe, if our DNA is Vyashti (or microcosm), then the universe as a whole is Samashti (or macrocosm) , and so if you want to look at the bigger picture up ahead of the gateway and/or manifold your energy upgrade, try to recognize them both within and outside you. Consciousness begins with by reaching out to your micro levels to be able to fit in with the macro or Universal Consciousness. The source dwells in you. Once the inner source microcosm is found, can one become ONE with the macrocosm. But remember to restore and stabilise Ida and Pingala nadis through mindful breathing called Praanayam. Now take a deep breath and let August Gateway treat you to a speeding but splendid journey through inter-dimensions of Vyashti and Samashti !

Divine Love to all !


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