Powerful FarSide Flare/CME/The Power of a Kill Shot.

This is a powerful flare/CME.


Energise the DNA: Simple Tips

Author: Anamika

Mankind is reaching toward the crown of ascension pathway, merging into the Golden age. It would hardly be a surprise that many enlightened beings choose to be born in this golden time to cross over into higher dimensions. I am told that this is a time, where not only the individual pursuits for spiritual ascension is at peak, but also that the cosmic elements are helping mankind and the planet to upgrade their state of being. Upgrading to higher dimension. This is also why higher force perhaps may have chosen to reincarnate on this planet in the physical body to anchor light. Naturally, this moment in which the earth is passing through is so opportunistic, as we know, why would anyone not choose to make use of it.

I intend to give useful guidance to anchor more and more light that emits from the Vishnu Nabhi/Galactic Source that reaches earth and into the physical body.

A slight glimpse into the existing spiritual practices. There are many different schools of thought that teach mankind about seeking God. Prayers, devotional songs, meditation, kriya yoga, charity etc. All this is and will always be the only way to reach the spiritual destination to ascend higher and up. Kriya yoga or conscious breathing is an ancient sacred science taught by many revered yogis of India. The methods they teach may differ only slightly, but their prime focus is to enlighten mankind by teaching conscious breathing.

I coupled my spiritual journey using all of the above methods. I am grateful to the wise conscious beings who taught me to intensify my crystalline body journey and ascension with one simple element that the GAIA provides. WATER. Not just any water. I should share why and how water can be useful to your journey.

But first, a small revision on water and its elemental importance.

To truly understand what sacred water is, we must reach outside the limitations and boxes of mainstream science. We need to glimpse into our own cultural history, the relationship humanity has had with water throughout antiquity. And if we go further, we see the wisdom of ancient texts and the documents of the gurus and the saints tell us about water.

Treading on the antiquity, we may find the amazing abilities of water’s remarkable structure and our ancestral explanation for what this structure truly means. It would appear that mankind had deep knowledge on principles of structured water science- and therefore knew that within a model of structured water consciousness, all of this intimately connects our mind, consciousness, and spirit with the structure of our water. Many scientists risked going beyond their comfort zone of mainstream science to examine and reveal a deep connection between structured water consciousness and enlightenment, spiritual evolution, and everlasting eternal life.

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How does water help in healing and spiritual evolution?

The human body is made up of atoms, ions and molecules.  Ions are atoms with extra electrons or missing electrons. When an atom is missing an electron or two, it has a positive charge. When an atom has an extra electron or two, it has a negative charge. The key players in creating the electrical energy within our body are structures called ions. Ions may exist in solid, liquid, or gaseous environments, although those in liquid are more common.

The human body when subject to strong Electromagnetic Signals, or activated kundalini, is capable of biological ionization that can generate plasma.

The medium of DNA transmission and its communication is made through exposing DNA structures to water. Electromagnetic transmission of DNA’s genetic information is carried through water, which imprints the base template. Water has memory. It is the personality of water to retain memory of substances previously dissolved in it, as well as hold the memory of DNA imprints, and higher consciousness effects. This would explain further as we understand the nature of water and how to charge it using base template in order to cleanse and energise the DNA imprint to resonate with the universe.

The high water and electrolytic content within the human body fluids, acts as a highly conductive memory body for all electrical currents, and especially extremely low frequencies (ELF). This makes the human body perfectly capable of DNA transmission through electromagnetic signaling, which allows the consciousness and body to communicate with many different frequency signals.

How to charge(energise) water?

Marking a specific frequency memory into water is essential to evolve into a light body- crystalline body.
There are potent mantras that superseded the matrix system. Each mantra, or the syllable carry signature frequency in space. When water comes in contact with the resonate frequency, the molecules retain that resonance and create a pattern that it identifies with. Once upon a time, artificial matrix created many limitations to access clean potable water and vilified it in certain ways. But it is possible to overcome the lower vibe matrix by using water with positively charged memory.

In a simpler explanation, the water molecules replicate the frequency they come in contact with. The water which we drink thus nourish the DNA to replicate thereafter and so forth. Thus, in the ascending human body, a charged and healed water produces higher frequency plasma light. It is akin to the wave that can heal the DNA which thereby heals the chakras and energises the body with life force.

The human body is electrically conductive through the majority percentages of water and tissue salts, which play a critical role in the ability of the body to absorb and transmute higher frequencies during the Spiritual Ascension process.

There are simple techniques, that can be done at home at any given day and time. Anyone can do it.

  1. Charge the body with OM (AUM). A primordial universal mantra. In a microscopic universe  these vibrations work  through the vital astral vortexes located in the spinal column unto the sahasrara chakra. (OM attunes the physical body with the pranic body. Although human body has multiple vortexes, the seven vital chakras must be first purified, invoked and energised).
  2. Fill a pitcher with clean and clear water, it is beneficial if you have copper or silver container but a glass  pitcher would be fine. Keep the water at a close proximity and recite OM in lengthy tones. Start with A followed by U and M. A-U-M in synchronicity. You can charge the water with mantras too.
  3. In a glass jar, put a crystal, then fill the pitcher with water and keep the pitcher at the light that dawns. Early morning only. Couple or three hours should charge the water enough. Drink this water. The sun charges the water through the crystal that floats in the jar, special crystals have multidimensional healing properties. It is a potent combination and anyone can drink this water, even children. The glass pitcher must be plain.
  4. Listen to soothing music or mantras.

Mantras are complex, some are bound with the matrices of the solar system while others are free from the grid and reach far and wide into multi-dimensions and multiverse. In view with the recent cosmic anomalies and disruptions (old patriarchy based religious dogma would meet the end with religious tyranny and false leaders).
Also, I recommend not to go overboard with random mantra recitation unless that mantra supplements the individual frequency based on akashic records. Seek advice from experts.
Because this is a universe that remains in continuous motion, many factors become essential in determining the frequency that has the potential to nourish the soul. Yes, the solar system is undergoing drastic energetic frequency shift. And as we pass through the Photon belt in the NOW, the universe has presented us with the chance to uplift our soul to higher dimensions as much as possible. I am told that mankind will have the potential to go beyond the 5D – indeed a devoted righteous soul can elevate the consciousness upto 7D state of being. What a lovely moment we are living in !

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Cosmic Swirl

We are glad to be back and happy to announce that our cosmic journey is here to start again after a brief halt. All this while, the energies had been so intense – we thought at best to give the mind and body needed much physical rest and peace. We do want to ensure to delivering regular updates on ascension and health related topics. Yes, it is most important, and needful to take care of our biological vehicle, the amount of burden it sustains. It isn’t easy even today, especially when the body feels feverish, nauseated or dizzy or highly exhausted at any given moment. Yes, it does feel like a cosmic swirl inside our head. Many loved ones around us have been going through with similar health issues, nearly everyday. Not a reason to get alarmed, but we do recommend a good rest whenever possible. This is at best which can be done to endure planetary ascension symptoms. Of course, plants and herbs provide good support, and in near future we will share here some useful methods for aid by using ayurveda to help the ascension body. But more importantly, keep practicing kriya yoga, conscious breathing. Chants of OM are the threads that bind us together with the omnipresent, say A-U-M at least thrice a day at the least or 9 times. It will calm the mind and the body.

We will return with more related posts soon.

With Love.

A Brush With A Universe Next Door

Light given off by hydrogen shortly after the big bang has left some unexplained bright patches in space. Are they evidence of bumping into another universe?

Mystery bright spots could be first glimpse of another universe

THE curtain at the edge of the universe may be rippling, hinting that there’s more backstage. Data from the European Space Agency’s Planck telescope could be giving us our first glimpse of another universe, with different physics, bumping up against our own.

That’s the tentative conclusion of an analysis by Ranga-Ram Chary, a researcher at Planck’s US data centre in California. Armed with Planck’s painstaking map of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) – light lingering from the hot, soupy state of the early universe – Chary revealed an eerie glow that could be due to matter from aneighbouring universe leaking into ours.

This sort of collision should be possible, according to modern cosmological theories that suggest the universe we see is just one bubble among many. Such a multiverse may be a consequence of cosmic inflation, the widely accepted idea that the early universe expanded exponentially in the slimmest fraction of a second after the big bang.

Once it starts, inflation never quite stops, so a multitude of universes becomes nearly inevitable. “I would say most versions of inflation in fact lead to eternal inflation, producing a number of pocket universes,” says Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an architect of the theory.

Energy hidden in empty space drives inflation, and the amount that’s around could vary from place to place, so some regions would eventually settle down and stop expanding at such a manic pace. But the spots where inflation is going gangbusters would spawn inflating universes. And even areas within these new bubbles could balloon into pocket universes themselves.

Like compositions on the same theme, each universe produced this way would be likely to have its own spin on physics. The matter in some bubbles – the boring ones – would fly apart within 10-40 seconds of their creation. Others would be full of particles and rules similar to ours, or even exactly like ours. In the multiverse of eternal inflation, everything that can happen has happened – and will probably happen again.

That notion could explain why the physical constants of our universe seem to be so exquisitely tuned to allow for galaxies, stars, planets and life (see “Just right for life?“).

Sadly, if they do exist, other bubbles are nigh on impossible to learn about. With the space between them and us always expanding, light is too slow to carry any information between different regions. “They could never even know about each other’s existence,” says Matthew Johnson of York University in Toronto, Canada. “It sounds like a fun idea but it seems like there’s no way to test it.”

Bubble trouble

However, if two bubbles started out close enough that they touched before expanding space pushed them apart forever, they could leave an imprint on each other. “You need to get lucky,” Johnson says.

“If two bubbles started out close enough that they touched, they could leave an imprint on each other”

In 2007, Johnson and his PhD adviser proposed that these clashing bubbles might show up as circular bruises on the CMB. They were looking for cosmic dance partners that resembled our own universe, but with more of everything. That would make a collision appear as a bright, hot ring of photons.

By 2011, they were able to search for them in data from NASA’s WMAP probe, the precursor to Planck. But they came up empty-handed.

Now Chary thinks he may have spotted a different signature of a clash with a foreign universe.

“There are two approaches, looking for different classes of pocket universes,” Johnson says. “They’re hunting for lions, and we’re hunting for polar bears.”

Instead of looking at the CMB itself, Chary subtracted a model of the CMB from Planck’s picture of the entire sky. Then he took away everything else, too: the stars, gas and dust.

With our universe scrubbed away, nothing should be left except noise. But in a certain frequency range, scattered patches on the sky look far brighter than they should. If they check out, these anomalous clumps could be caused by cosmic fist-bumps: our universe colliding with another part of the multiverse (arxiv.org/abs/1510.00126).

These patches look like they come from the era a few hundred thousand years after the big bang when electrons and protons first joined forces to create hydrogen, which emits light in a limited range of colours. We can see signs of that era, called recombination, in the light from that early hydrogen. Studying the light from recombination could be a unique signature of the matter in our universe – and potentially distinguish signs from beyond.

“This signal is one of the fingerprints of our own universe,” says Jens Chluba of the University of Cambridge. “Other universes should leave a different mark.”

“This signal is one of the fingerprints of our own universe. Others should leave a different mark”

Since this light is normally drowned out by the glow of the cosmic microwave background, recombination should have been tough for even Planck to spot. But Chary’s analysis revealed spots that were 4500 times as bright as theory predicts.

One exciting explanation for this is if a surplus of protons and electrons – or something a lot like them – got dumped in at the point of contact with another universe, making the light from recombination a lot brighter. Chary’s patches require the universe at the other end of the collision to have roughly 1000 times as many such particles as ours.

“To explain the signals that Dr Chary found with the cosmological recombination radiation, one needs a large enhancement in the number of [other particles] relative to photons,” Chluba says. “In the realm of alternative universes, this is entirely possible.”

Of course there are caveats, and recent history provides an important reality check. In 2014, a team using the BICEP2 telescope at the South Pole announced another faint signal with earth-shaking cosmological implications. The spirals of polarised light, spotted in the cosmic background, would have provided more observational evidence for the idea of inflation and helped us understand how inflation occurred. But it turned out that signal came from dust grains within our galaxy.

Princeton University’s David Spergel, who played a major role in debunking the BICEP2 finding, thinks dust may again be clouding our cosmological insights. “I suspect that it would be worth looking into alternative possibilities,” he says. “The dust properties are more complicated than we have been assuming, and I think that this is a more plausible explanation.”

Joseph Silk of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, is even more pessimistic, calling claims of an alternate universe “completely implausible”. While he thinks the paper is a good analysis of anomalies in Planck data, Silk also believes something is getting in the way. “My view is that they are almost certainly due to foregrounds,” he says.

Chary acknowledges that his idea is as tentative as it is exciting. “Unusual claims like evidence for alternate universes require a very high burden of proof,” he writes.

He makes an effort to rule out more prosaic explanations. If it is dust, Chary argues, it would be the coldest dust we’ve ever seen. It’s probably not noise masquerading as a signal. It could be carbon monoxide moving toward us, but we don’t usually see that. It could be faraway carbon, but that emission is too weak.

“I am certain he made every effort to ensure that the analysis is solid,” says Chluba. Even so, foregrounds and poorly understood patterns could still be the source of the signals. “It will be important to carry out an independent analysis and confirm his finding,” Chluba says.

Sensitive solutions

One obstacle to checking is that we’re limited by the data itself. Planck was hyper-sensitive to the cosmic microwave background, but it wasn’t intended to measure the spectral distortions Chary is looking for. Johnson’s team also plans to use Planck to look for their own alternate universes, once the data they need is released to the public – but they estimate that Planck will only make them twice as sensitive to the bubble collisions they’re looking for as they were with WMAP.

An experiment that could help might be on its way. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center plan to submitPIXIE, the Primordial Inflation Explorer, to be considered for funding at the end of 2016.

PIXIE’s spectral resolution could help characterise Chary’s signals if they really are there, Chluba says. But even if they aren’t, reconstructing how inflation happened could still lead us once again back to the multiverse – and tell us what kind of bubble collisions we should look for next (see diagram).

(Image: Rudi Sebastian/Plainpicture)

Just right for life?

If our universe is just one of many, that could explain why it seems so exquisitely tuned for our existence.

If dark energy, the repulsive influence hiding in empty space that speeds up the expansion of the universe, were just a little stronger, matter would be flung apart before galaxies could ever form. If it were attractive instead, the universe would collapse. But it is shockingly puny, and that’s weird, unless our universe is one of many in the multiverse.

Compared with what we might expect from quantum theory, dark energy is 120 orders of magnitude too small. So far, no compelling explanation for that discrepancy has emerged. But if the multiverse exists, and dark energy varies from bubble to bubble (see main story), that might not seem so strange.

That’s because our own universe might be an oddball compared to most bubbles. In many, dark energy would be too strong for galaxies, stars and planets to form, but not in all. “Plenty of them would have energies as small as what we observe,” says physicist Alan Guth of MIT.

That still leaves us struggling to explain why our universe is one of the special ones. Our best answer so far, Guth says, is a philosophical headache: our universe has to be special because we are alive in it. In a more average region, where dark energy is stronger, stars, planets, and life would never have evolved.

That could mean life only exists in a sliver of the multiverse, with any conscious beings convinced their own slice of space is special, too.

Crop circles emerge in Russia’s Samara region on 10th anniversary of same phenomenon

© Аэросъемка в Тольятти


Mysterious crop circles have appeared in Russia’s Samara region, with local residents, thrilled by the shapes of “possible extraterrestrial origin,” recalling that a similar pattern surfaced on the same buckwheat farm exactly a decade ago.

The circles were discovered by a local resident off the highway just outside the city of Tolyatti. The design comprises of 5 circles ranging from 60 to 150 feet in diameter connected by lines.

A local paranormal research organization that is searches for extraterrestrial life has noted that the same circles appeared on exact same day 10 years ago in 2005.

“We examined the photographs. We will now l analyze and compare the photos with similar phenomenon that was recorded in Tolyatti 10 years ago,” Nikita Romanov, head of the regional research association Kosmopoisk Romanov, told RIA Novosti.

The drone footage of the circles was shot by Aleksey Zagorodnikov, a resident who told local news that he and his friend were testing their quadcopters and saw nothing on that field on Sunday. The circles apparently appeared Monday night, causing locals to promulgate theories about alien contact.

“I don’t know who is responsible for this,” Zagorodnikov said. “I think that the authors of this creation will remain silent. But I don’t believe in extraterrestrial origin, it’s obviously a work of human hands and legs.”

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The association of anomalous phenomenon and UFO researchers notes however that not a single stem has been broken inside the design pattern, claiming that the stems were “interestingly laid out.” According to Nikita Mikhailov from Kosmopoisk, the radiation reading at the site tested at normal levels.

Not ruling out UFO involvement, Mikhailov said that it’s most likely that the circles’ sudden appearance is a “natural phenomenon.” The circles that appeared there ten years ago were made by the local farmers who played a prank creating 200 meter circles, according to RG newspaper investigation.

The research crew will now focus on looking for answers about the mysterious shapes, cross-referencing similar sightings from other parts of Russia and across the world.

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Aliens ahoy! Massive mothership ‘the size of Idaho’ caught in NASA images, say ufologists

A massive alien spacecraft, around the size of the US state of Idaho, has been spotted near the sun by ufologists in recent NASA pictures. They say the object definitely has a structure.

The video released by Youtube user Streetcap1 shows the original NASA image of the sun captured by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on July 15, 2015.

“This UFO is awesome! Every time I try to ask NASA about these UFOs on Twitter, they ignore me. They have never answered me and refuse to talk about these giant UFOs near our sun,” said a statement from the UFO Sightings Daily, a website devoted to possible UFO detections on or above our planet.