Spiritual Gateways

Spiritual Gateways are offering every individual a chance to steadily continue to climb the dimensional stairsteps. The portals that opened in 2014 prepared humanity for more intense gateways in the coming years. We attempted to present a simple glimpse into the significance and importance of these gateways to the Galactic families and to all of us. These are historic moments that may not repeat themselves untill a very long time; untill the next cyclical shift of the ages and yugas !


Spiraling Back to the New ?

by Anamika

Something intriguing and positive is happening with the portal that is inducing activation on many of us. This activation is another step forward to those already on the path of ascension. I don’t really have particular adjectives to define those numbers that make us, US! So I will plainly use, those numbers as ‘us’ instead of using some or more as prefix. Light-workers cannot be measured in numbers, it is their light that gets measured 😉

It does not really matter, the number of counts we consider. What matters is how good we’ve been scoring, how faithful are we to ourselves and how far will this faithfulness towards the cause take us into this journey of endless ascension. Don’t worry people, everything is eternal, even ascension is. Growing never stops, the more light you hold, the more you ascend, and the more you ascend the more dimensions you add to yourself.
We all have been shedding and purging undesired traits. Deep within us, that ‘old’ frame (or carbon cells) that had long made home in all of us since the advent of Kali Yuga, never was it so desperate to leave our body that has begun to becoming ancient (crystal cells) again! Sorry, I don’t mean to confuse you. But Old and Ancient, the two familial words both hold different meanings in the heartland of Sanaatan.


I will try to make my points clear in the following paragraphs:

Forgive me if I am taking you back to the roots of history. I love history and it is never boring, because that is where we unearth some of the most shocking revelations. Shock therapy. Pleasingly Shocking, haha. Real history is always a shock therapy. It bites the flesh off your spine. It stuns you, it chills you, it angers you, BUT — it dispels myths about you, yes about You!

As we all know, darkness stooped to the lowest of all possibilities. And since the time Dark Age/ Kali Yuga had set in, and up till now, there have been numerous attempts set by team Dark in making humanity forget all about their ancient roots. Artificial implants and apparatuses were installed inside the human bodies. Sounds stupendous? To some, the concept of artificial implants and advanced old civilisations sounds unbelievable, absurd and preposterous. But I am not here trying to convince the unfathomable 3D logic. Because 3D logic negates the idea of humans as ‘Galactic Beings’. It discourages the belief in super human powers. Like a child throwing tantrums, 3D logic wants to make itself believe that light exists only on AC/DC field, sound exists in tape-recorders, only solar batteries can get charged in the sun and fire is born only on flammable objects. If you people read and hear weird 3D logics that still surround us, you may find it funny, especially nowadays. Too tough to fathom its bone tickling ideas! What drama 3D has been presenting to reinstate its ever losing and fast eroding spaces. Ouch 3D, you are being outnumbered! My happy giggles yet again!

That which darkness brought along with it, is Old. Old is not Ancient, and Ancient never grows Old. Ancient is always New.

In these days, with the growing popularity of soul ascension and DNA cleansing, many ascension teachers and healers talk in terms of OLD and NEW. Baring the Sanaatan, none of the civilisations talk about ancients. And even when someone does, it often is a reference source to the ones that are measured in chronological order spanning few thousand of years. In true sense, ancient dates back to pre-dark ages. No, Ancient does not mean the ones the modern history books describe of Annunakis or the likes. Ancients date back to civilisations far older and whose presence is as alive even till today as it was ages ago. Ages/Yuga repeat in succession to the other and so forth. Sat/Kirta Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, Kali Yuga. And the cycles repeat, in Spiral. Except for Kali Yuga, all the other yugas, ages have always had ascended human beings.

Our ancient wise seers had described, that Humans start to fall into darkness when DNA degeneration births. That is what happened when Earth fell into the hands of Dark forces/Asurs (Draconians, Chimera/ Danav, Daitya) . They hijacked the planet through DNA degeneration either by force and/or illusion, manipulation. Due to DNA degeneration the ancient memories were erased. Higher Charkas closed, divinity lost in oblivion and amnesia made in us, its permanent home. DNA fell! Ancient erased ! Wisdom lost ! …Dark age/Kali Yuga prevailed ! See the connect?

In reality, multidimensional / fully ascended being is a wise soul, divine, loving higher heart and a universal mind. There arises a sense of Oneness in that state of being.

In a broader description, Ancient also means Our Galactic Memories. Throughout ages, you and I have lived and existed in many stars, planets, and galaxies, a time immeasurable in linear timescale!

Specifically now, in this July-August Portal/Gateway, many ascended souls are consciously being poured in with memories of distant past, and/or parallel lives. This is a reminder to us, that we are ancient souls that chose earth as our home. The temporary amnesia that most souls were/are born with, is being erased. Darkness is re-living its horror show once again – revival of ancient memories 😀 . We deserve to celebrate! And that may explain why there is heightened acceptance about growing changes in the society. Many now believe that they are the ‘living memories’ of their great ancestors that were technologically, scientifically and spiritually superior by multitude. Amid the growing acceptance, the still looming, frail and fragile 3D logic continues to fight the ‘ancient memory’ trying to explain evolution of a human from a monkey. Choice is yours, who do you really think are you? Ancient human or advanced ape ?!

In the age where essence brings in more acceptance, words play the role of confusion. The essence here is to get rid of Old. The essence of New and Ancient are as synonymous as is water and H2O . I am becoming new, the earth is becoming new, our sun, moon, everything is becoming new. We are returning back to our roots. And therefore, My Newer self is returning back to my Ancient self.

Pain, guilt, anger, deception, frustrations, hatred, negative karma and everything that rob you off your Joys, belong to the old. These soul sucking demons pained us through eons! You want to teach this old a lesson? Get rid of it ! Get rid of Old, by embracing Ancient.

So let’s get back to the memory lane of brushing aside the sands of time, the layers of stones and sands that have hidden away the jewels of our glorious Ancient Soul.
I am as eager to pay my obituary to 3D, and to let it rest in peace, totally ! Our ancient Galactic Sun and its bodies have been working full throttle to kill the demonic lower dimensions and bring heaven on Earth. You light-workers in ascension (whether or not consciously) are doing a great job in helping these Galactic beings and bodies working together in harmony to liberate the Earth and earthlings from the clutches of the Old and into the Ancient. We are returning to Ancient, it is that ‘New’ that most had been waiting for !

Divine Love
Namaste !

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