Conversation Of The Mystics

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a) Bhairava: Bhairava is Shiva at his most terrifying, at his most fearful. He may be understood as a particular manifestation, or emanation of Shiva, or as Shiva displaying himself at a very high level. Bhairava is the embodiment of fear, and it is said that those who meet him must confront the source of their own fears. His name describes the effect he has upon those who behold him, as it derives from the word bhiru, which means to become fearful – of feeling great fear.


4 thoughts on “Conversation Of The Mystics

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  2. I found the information interesting.. Can’t say I found it to be much of a conversation. I also can’t see what it has to do with Mystics other than a starting point for a conversation that would not I believe be at the top of a Mystics list to discuss.. Just a thought and observation. I would enjoy to hear or read as it were a conversation of Mystics, that would however be one that embraced many spiritual concepts and paths. I look forward to reading your posts and what you choose to share. Thank you for sharing! 🙂



    • Dear Joe,
      Basically, we want to introduce something original that will give to the people a general and simpler understanding about the essence of “Be-ing” . We have named the menu “Conversation of the Mystics”, because this is a conversation between Lord Shiva and his consort Shakti, and quite a lengthy one. Shiva is the all pervading Father, of the entire universes and multiverses, beyond and above dimensions or the eternal number of galaxies and Shakti is the all pervading Mother of all of these. The mystics that you mentioned about, I am glad to say that even the greatest of mystics and sages make a dwelling in Shiva. Meaning, everything, the most gifted mystics, they consider Shiva as the ultimate mystic 🙂 . Going by this understanding, we are trying to present the ultimate conversation of the omnipresent Father and Mother. And because their conversation is very lengthy, we will post them in parts. One step at a time 🙂
      The Sanaatan Dharma ( popularly known as Hinduism in the west) has a calendar that contains almost 300 trillion years, much beyond any gregorian, maya, aztec , Incas. But little do people know about it, so we wish and try to bring out the root , the source of all sources of spirituality.
      And yes wherever possible we would connect it with the younger spiritual streams but we feel the younger streams can relate to various aspects based on their schools just by knowing bits of the source of all sources. 🙂


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