Cosmic Swirl

We are glad to be back and happy to announce that our cosmic journey is here to start again after a brief halt. All this while, the energies had been so intense – we thought at best to give the mind and body needed much physical rest and peace. We do want to ensure to delivering regular updates on ascension and health related topics. Yes, it is most important, and needful to take care of our biological vehicle, the amount of burden it sustains. It isn’t easy even today, especially when the body feels feverish, nauseated or dizzy or highly exhausted at any given moment. Yes, it does feel like a cosmic swirl inside our head. Many loved ones around us have been going through with similar health issues, nearly everyday. Not a reason to get alarmed, but we do recommend a good rest whenever possible. This is at best which can be done to endure planetary ascension symptoms. Of course, plants and herbs provide good support, and in near future we will share here some useful methods for aid by using ayurveda to help the ascension body. But more importantly, keep practicing kriya yoga, conscious breathing. Chants of OM are the threads that bind us together with the omnipresent, say A-U-M at least thrice a day at the least or 9 times. It will calm the mind and the body.

We will return with more related posts soon.

With Love.


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