Transformational Lunar Eclipse 4th April 2015

–By Anamika.

We are in the phase of major overhauling, for some years now, cosmic energies have built newer horizons for humanity and as we move up ahead to reach for the stars. We are growing into the energies. We are becoming One with the massive churning of this powerful Light.

A little revision on ascension before we talk about the lunar eclipse energies. This Lunar Eclipse sets the momentum of what had been planned eons ago by the cosmos and benevolent galactic beings.

In the journey of attaining consciousness, we come across so many positive souls that have chosen to seek different paths. And in the various stages of infinite evolution of spiritual ascension, every soul is predetermined to reach at a particular stage. The evolution does have a standard design of spiral steps divided into several stages. Just as we have grades in the school, we have grades in spiritual ascension. Everyone has a role to define, and each one’s efforts define that role.

Try not to be judgemental about self because self analysis hinders the growth. Flow with the currents. A soul’s ascension journey is normally the task of his/her Guru, and the Divine. Only these two can judge a person’s ascension; after all, without the divine grace, and guru’s intervention, how can a soul receive guidance. It is nearly impossible to reach collective consciousness of divine order sans guidance.
Before the divine graces someone, as already known, the soul has to have the curiosity to follow the path of Truth, the yearning to reach that one particular stage in the unfolding of cosmic truth. The soul must have hunger to perform his/her best in all of these accords, and to have the desire, the willingness to wash off karmic debris. A soul that seeks for all of this naturally shall help the planet and the solar system. By helping to get rid of darkness, the efforts seem to contribute a lot in planetary liberation and self healing. Efforts count. Nothing is insignificant. But the efforts have to be from that person, it cannot be forced, the focus has to be his/hers. Therefore, any focus on a positive scale needs to be maintained to not let any external ego based desires waver that pursuer in what he/she intend to seek. A devoted focus is the greatest prasada (bestowe of generosity) Lord Vishnu offers in exchange for a person’s undivided attention in seeking The Lord. The moment is always NOW. And in the NOW, one can develop this undivided faith that awaits its turn to be awakened (by self efforts) from within. The faith resides in the Anahata (Heart) Charka and only this Faith can take the seeker miles ahead in the journey of spiritual ascension.

That is why; any healing and any growth- be it of the microcosmic to macrocosmic scale, begin with us to grow from within. A soul’s growth is like the tiny propagated seed in the rain forest. The petite seedling breaks out open which was once limited to the confinement of its pod. And despite the odds, it reaches into the open air and aims for the light high above that shines from the thick covers of large trees. Nothing deters the little fellow. It braves through the unchartered heights and grown in unforgiving climate, jostling through the spaces to reach for the Light.

Desires are egoistic, momentary and temporary. They disappear if we allow them to fade away. Or else, when the ego based thoughts are watered, these emotions driven by ego derail a person from pursuing the spiritual journey. And it does mean a loss making deal with the cosmos. The galactic beings that have been helping the solar system and the earth in the liberation, are all beings who resonate love. Their help, their aid is selfless. They fell the joy for every soul who ascends to a higher vibration.


Physical Evidence of Higher Vibrations

Our Earth has reached her higher pulse record, or also known as the Schumann Resonance. Earth now resonates at 16.32 Hz. This resonance will only increase. This is the beauty of inner patience and positive resonance within the self that which breaks the archetype of non-belief for the unwilling souls who haven’t yet become ready for receiving the light codes.

And the Earth is constantly evolving. Some, if not all natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions, sink holes, earthquakes are being considered as her symptoms of growth where she sheds the unconstructive aspects in which she had to lay suspended for almost twenty-five thousand years. As we are evolving and moving towards higher conscious planes– the earth is on the similar tracks as ours. Is it not beautiful, both mother and her children aiding in raising consciousness of each other. And that is why group meditation is a sought after way to helping the mother by building a steady flow of powerful collective vibrations.


Watch The Thoughts

With the 2nd  lunar eclipse in 2015 (this one is a total lunar eclipse) many wise souls have predicted that massive changes may occur during this phase of intense energies. Even more massive changes are set to occur during the 3rd lunar eclipse of 2015 that falls in the month of September. We are not predicting anything yet, but we can confidently tell each other that it will serve in the best interest of every soul. So whether someone is at the stages of pursuing enlightenment, or not seeking the Divine, the accountability will be taken care of during the time of the Event.




Focus, thoughts and intentions are the three important things to pay attention to in these few weeks. Earth and her collective consciousness, that is, Us, will see exchange of incredible energies through the door-way of this lunar eclipse. That is why, be careful with the thoughts for these energies have the tendency to toss someone in that direction. Maintain focus. Think of all the positive energies that embraces humanity. Focus on collective goodness, think of the beautiful Earth. Think about humanity’s growth. Planetary liberation. Government disclosures on benevolent ETs, free energy, evolutionary freedom, healing technology for all, end of poverty and grief.

Maintain focus on collective goodness because it is easier than any other selfish attitude or mean emotions to focus upon. For it is the selfishness stirred by dualistic ego which adorns the lower realms. And during the times of the cosmic gateways, just like this total lunar eclipse, when we lay our focus on something, it has the tendency to become the reality.

This phase may feel like a spiralling walk into the unseen upper dimensions that we adore and love to be in. Fear not, for it is only Love we find there. However, there are times like these, the days and time that lie around total lunar eclipses where many people may find themselves unsettled with odd feelings, feeling of being trapped in negative emotions and or confusing situations. This particular junction of time may sometimes feel like a cosy walk on the soft sands yet the fear of being hit by sudden large waves that come drifting about. It will all be okay. Any amount of fear during this phase will only manifest, and at quicker pace. Have no fear. Relax and enjoy the moment.


Let not any external desires disturb the sanctity of this peaceful moment. The wise say, utilise this moment to observe peaceful stillness.
Observe. Stay Calm. Meditate.


Copyright © MayineTreeConsciousness 2014. 


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