Disconnected Spirituality

–By Anamika. 



A new age is evolving. A new dawn shining upon us and unwrapping of darkness of lightless spaces that had once made a dwelling in many beings. The higher gurus believe that many souls have started to evolve and walk towards the path of Light that emits from the Source, Lord Vishnu.

All the positive light emitting from the Galactic Central Sun, all the energies relaying from constellations have created so many portals and doorways of self improvement. Besides this, many several galactic federations from Higher Vibratory Field have anchored their sentient mother ships on the earth’s atmosphere that are helping humanity raise vibrations. They have worked non stop to restore back Earth’s Goddess vibrations and eliminated the Quarantine that had surrounded the earth’s atmosphere to stop positive energies from reaching on to earth’s surface. Thankfully, restoration work is positively working towards the right direction. But the idea is to stay cautious as always, for the victory to the light has had a constant enemy vying for easy entry to hijack the moment of victorious glory into despair. Dark entities have always hijacked positive events to set spaces and merge within the group, like a parasitic dwelling.

We as humans on planet earth must realise the amount of dedication the Light Forces have put in to help humanity, all this and selflessly. Many ways in which, dark has seemed to manage to infiltrate the spiritual world of ours. The infiltration method is not new but in this moment, constant reminders are needed to be addressed to keeping the masses alert. The most common practices of spiritual hijack through spirituality are Submissive Ritual Abuse and Misguided Channelings.

We must realise and accept our responsibility to spiritual maturity and learn what the anti-human forces or the dark minions are and how they work the scheme of ritual abuse through the main Negative forces deception strategies used by them as of the mind control system on the human population on the earth plane.

Ritual abuse is a process of enslaving the mind with sophisticated levels of increasing forms of intimidation and abuses, starting with terrorism of the mind, to eventually evolve into allowing physical forms of abuse, such as sexual abuses. These are direct forms of ritual abuse but the most concealed form of ritual abuse is often done through spiritual hijack. This is process where the self proclaimed or mind controlled spiritual guide seeks to enter the lives of those that seek ways to connect with the source via spirituality. One may often notice that across the world, every religious sect has spiritual guides to offer help and who are believed to be leading a person towards better way of life through spiritual practices. But what happens if the spiritual guide is appointed by the negative forces or whose mind is controlled by negative entities? In a sorry situation, there is a very concealed and subtle way of working to trap the seekers.

These levels of control may happen in the physical person and/or on the astral planes to infect the emotional body and illicit a variety of forms of terror and anxiety in the person.

To be able to understand the psychopathic sick mind of the spiritual deception systems, one would need to better understand the general attitude of the Negative forces infected human or nonhuman that uses ritual abuse methods to mind control people into submission and enslavement.

How does a person get trapped in spiritual deception? A soul is energy, and like any energy that can get harvested and converted, the soul can also be harvested to gain control and power. The easiest way is through sexual abuse. And not to forget, abuse is not always direct and active to deliberately inflict pain on the soul. In spiritual deception, a method of gradual progression (a passive method ) is introduced to readying a person through mind control in the guise of kundalini activation or orgasmic tantra, (there is no Tantra that uses Tantric Vidya to misuse and harvest souls for negative purposes). In this certain way, the person or entity of the ritual abuse can potentially bind the person’s life force for energetic harvesting for negative entities.

Until this is addressed the person remains in a state of extreme pain and suffering, confused and spiritually misled by delusional fantasies, addictions and escape mechanisms. All these symptoms prevail despite spiritual practices under the false guide. For the mislead persons, it is very hard to have clarity and see the truth with discernment when the mind and emotional body has been filled with states of extreme suffering, fear, anxiety and addiction. Any ritual abuse method is a set up to create fragmented, confused and terrorized souls on the earth to be cultivated into spiritual slavery.

Submissive Ritual Abuse

Emotional abuse is the easiest way to reach through the soul into convinced state of surrender to the teacher. Whence a complete surrender happens, the weak person gets tuned-in to auto mode of manipulated self proclamation into abuses. Albeit it is that state of submission where the person doesn’t realise he/she is duped and fleeced into ritual abuse and soul harvesting. The submissive state is that state of mind where consciousness has been lowered to self loathing and self pity and constant stage of self hatred. This manipulation is the key backdoor entry system devised to enter into the unconscious state of mind for further abuse. Finally the person reaches at a stage where the abuser appears to be a saviour to him/her. To such a being, surrender seems to be the only way to function and to escape or to get rid of dysfunctional/stressed life. All the mind programming seems to work since the beginning of moulding a person into carefree and blind submission.

In the new age spiritualism, Tantra has been severely dented, damaged and alerted to suit the agenda of ritual abuse. Such is the scene now that the majority of Tantric Vidya taught across the planet is nothing much more beyond principle captive home of sexual and emotional abuses for the seekers. Roughly, about 98-99 % of New Age Tantric practices comprise of misguided teachings to benefit the negative entity.  The big magnet, Spirituality has drawn keen interest of dark entities since early ages, many fake spiritual practices were introduced to capture and harvest as many souls as possible. And today, sadly, Tantra is rendered to the misunderstood power house of kundalini activation that primarily involves sex. It is considered to be the power house of spiritual orgasmic experiences. But that is not at all true. Completely misguided knowledge. Because of this, many people consider sex as an easier way with added bonus of charkas activation. Sex is not bad, but it is the easiest method used by the ritual abusers of controlling and passively abusing a soul. Partnering with energy giver is sacred, buy partnering with energy harbinger/ energy phantom worsens the person’s internal balance. Because humanity has had the habit to stay bound in the quarantine of lower charkas, most humanity had become timid and with a natural inclination to negative aspects of a reverse spinning mooladhar charka. Such people come to believe that having orgasmic experiences with the teacher will activate their higher charkas instantly. In effect, they do not realise until the divine intervention, that their involvement is merely illusionary experience of kundalini growth. Being trapped into energy/soul harvesting is a vicious cycle. It is a trap that binds the harvested soul into darker realms for ages. In some cases, many souls have been timely intervened from having their soul harvested.

As humans of the earth, we must know that no event can happen, whether micro or macro unless the Divine is willing.

Misguided Channelings

We now believe that as the times are changing and evolving, the way in which divine messages have/had been dissipated to the masses will see a process of evolution within its system. Many of the ways, such as channelling will decrease in coming days, soon. This has to happen because channellings too have been manipulated as a way of mind control and manipulation of the followers. Accurate Divine channelling happen in the Divine State of Consciousness. To just plainly sit, try to meditate and create a portal of communicative channel, all this does not achieve a statehood of direct channellings or for the answers some seeks. Meditative mind gets contacted by the divine on Divine will. There is no self will, because self will is cured and born of egoic mind. Hence no power manifestation of channelling happens through the mind of Ego.  Or in most common case, a channeller’s signal gets intercepted by dark entities to create wrong messages for the masses. In short, channelling whether through Ego or negative energy hijack, are created by willing energies from the quarantine that still bound some people hooked into the illusion of magical manifestation of the lower dimension- Maya.

Channelling can be created by willing energies of the quarantine. It simply means that some are caught in the illusion of magical manifestation from the lower dimension. Channellings can often be confused with the doers’ free will and free thinking as a part of divine answers. But in reality, their thoughts are often navigated by the energies from the lower realms which is infact driven by egoic pursuits.

In the days to come, the methods of spiritual healings and teachings will return to its original form. The way many learn about spirituality shall change too. All this will happen because the Divine Energies are connecting each soul to the Source. Each soul will wake up to the Cosmic Truth in due time.

A person can become his/her own channeler and receiver. One has to connect with the Divine, call it by many names like Higher Octave Consciousness or Higher State Consciousness or Divine Consciousness or Spiritual Enlightenment. They all carry the same meaning, Connection with the Divine. Kundalini activation takes stages of activation and clearance. Even Quantum leaps for kundalini activation has a limitation. It is only the Source/the Divine who can surpass quantum activation to raise a person’s kundalini in a jiffy. Rare those cases could be but they are an assurance to fellow souls that one needs to earn that Divine benevolence by good karma.

Just Breathe-In and Breathe-Out with the Conscious Breath of the Cosmos. This is the true way and only way to connect with the Macrocosmic Source.


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