Calendar : Spiral Time Keeper

–By Ayan.

Time has certainly played a bigger role that no other entity of illusion  has ever done!

Many believe time flies only never to return. Some say time is precious. Some sell time, some buy time. Agree, that in modern days, time has ruled human life like none other. But times have evolved, rather, Time has evolved. One can only imagine time, because linear time is subject to human imagination. In real sense, Time, or Space Time functions spirally , and spiral defines what actually indeed Time means !
In the changing scenario, time surely needs a lengthy discussion — what exactly is time! The ‘feeling’ of time has changed overtime, and many light keepers agree. Time is no more linear, it runs spiral.


And one thing that have always been synonyms with time, is a Calendar. It has been around in many forms for thousands of years. Each civilisation had drafted calendars that suited their location. Some calendars are/were linear, whilst some more spiral. The calendars inspired in the East have been around for millions of years, the ones with space time calculations.
Calendar was a way of depicting spiral calculations for three dimensional understanding for the general public.

If we look at the history of the world as well as the various calendars related with different ancient civilizations, the prevailing so called scientific theories seem to be proved wrong.

The Christian calendar begins with Jesus Christ, which is the most modern calendar and it began 2010-2011 years ago. As compared to the Christian calendar the calendar propounded by Moses is more ancient since it began 3548 years ago. Similarly, Yudhishthir’s calendar which began 4140 years ago at the time of his coronation is more ancient. There are other calendars more ancient than the above mentioned calendars like, Kaliyugi samvat which is 5085 years old, Ibranian calendar which is 5997 years old, Egyptian calendar which is 28637 years old and Finishian calendar which is 30,0055 years old. The Iranian civilization believed to be one of the oldest one has a calendar dating as far as 189963 years back. In the same manner Chaldian calendar considered significant for astrological information it contains is 2,15,000,55 years old. The followers of Khatai religion trace their roots to Khata who was born 8,88,40,355 years ago and their calendar is that much ancient. The Chinese calendar, which is related to the first king of China, is believed to be even more ancient i.e. 9,60,02,484 years old.


The origin of earth is a question, which has baffled man since time immemorial. Scientists and Geologists set about their task of dating the earth and after a series of fumbles and stumbles finally are of the opinion that Disintegration of Radioactive materials is probably the best method of dating the earth.The most ancient rock has been discovered in Canada and after calculating in the above mentioned way scientists have found that the earth was 198,00,000,00 years old.

The origin of man, when determined on the basis of Vaivaswat Manu samvatswar, one of the fourteen samvatsars goes back 12,05,33,077 years old. A mantra created by our ancient sages and used during taking a ‘Sankalpa’ in religious ceremonies of Sanatan Dharma, which is still in practice, states that the man has continued to inhabit the earth for the last 1,97,29,40,037 years.

Ancient calendars, do not only determine the age we’re living in, but most importantly they set us examples as how ancient the civilisations are ! When we say calendar, we think about mathematical calculations, astrophysics, astrology et all. So this science determines a calendar’s making and precision. No matter what the results are foretold, it indeed signifies that humans have been around here for millions of years. And not just existed, but they were far superior and wise that what the modern humans prescribe in their modern scientific literature. How can so many ancient civilisations be defined as primitive and ape like, when majority of them boasted accuracy with their calculations, readings and created calendars ! Modern (so called) science may say what-so-ever, but their ways of studies do need a lift up, more so in the field of studying the rocks and age determination of major civilisations that once throbbed with wise men and women far exceeding today’s capacity. Could our modern scientists have developed a calendar had it not been the ancients work to do? We can only imagine !

This article is a reminder, a reminder especially for those modern thinkers, who negate the idea of existence of technologically advanced ancient civilisations. It is a reminder to those who beyond their own comprehension decommission the fact that humans have been walking on earth since time immemorial, a time that no modern means of dating can fathom or even predict. Modern thinkers’ who regard ancient civilisations inferior compared to the present days, such thoughts are all but only a mere sense of illusion of ego and control.

May be, or perhaps, it is time  the egoists should learn to garner some ‘learning etiquette’. If they still prefer to doubt the ancient’s credibility and wisdom, then may be it is time they question themselves, “Were uncivilized primitive ape species capable of starting a calendar??? or Are we being carried away by our Ego of little knowledge in pronouncing ourselves as the most learned?? Are we hastening to condemn the wisdom of all the ancient civilizations???”

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