Overcome The Ulitimate Fear through Chandrashekhara Stotram

Chandrasekhara Ashtakam, also spelled Chandrashekara Ashtakam, or Chandra Sekhara Ashtak or Chandrasekharashtakam, is the devotional bhajan song of Lord Shiva or Chandrashekara. Chandrashekhara Ashtak was composed by Rishi Markandeya when he was saved by Lord Shiva from the hands of Yama, the Lord of Death.

Fear is the most fearful of all things, and it, in itself, is an illusion. The fear of death is one of its greatest cultivations. Death can freak you out totally. And unless you think about it, take it apart molecule by molecule, and begin to figure it out, it will continue to paralyze you. Overcoming the greatest fear can make the path easier for us to defeat all other fears.

Benefits of chanting Chandrasekhara Ashtakam –

Those who chant Chandra Sekhara Ashtakam daily or on every Monday will not have any fear of death and would have full healthy life and gain all wealth with the blessing of Lord Chandra Sekhara and attain salvation in the end.

The following version of Chandra Sekhara Ashtakam is a bhajan like song with only a few stanzas from the original Chandrasekhara Ashtak stotra.


. चन्द्रशॆखराष्टकम्

चन्द्रशॆखर चन्द्रशॆखर चन्द्रशॆखर पाहि मां

चन्द्रशॆखर चन्द्रशॆखर चन्द्रशॆखर रक्ष मां ॥

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon,

रत्नसानुशरासनं रजताद्रिशृङ्गनिकॆतनं

शिञ्जिनीकृतपन्नगॆश्वरमच्युताननसायकम् ।
क्षिप्रदग्धपुरत्रयं त्रिदिवालयैरभिवन्दितं
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ २ ॥


Who made the mountain of jewels in to his bow,

Who resides on the mountain of silver,

Who made the serpent Vasuki as rope,

Who made Lord Vishnu as arrows,

And quickly destroyed the three cities,

And who is saluted by the three worlds,

And so what can the God of death do to me?

फाललॊचनजातपावकदग्द्धमन्मथविग्रहम् ।
भस्मदिग्द्धकलॆबरं भवनाशनं भवमव्ययं
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ३ ॥


Who shines with the pair of his lotus like feet,

Which are worshipped by the scented flowers of five kalpaka trees,

Who burnt the body of God of love,

Using the fire from the eyes on his forehead,

Who applies ash all over his body,

Who destroys the sorrow of life,

And who does not have destruction,

And so what can the God of death do to me?

पङ्कजासन पद्मलॊचनपूजितांघ्रिसरॊरुहम् ।
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ४ ॥

Who is the stealer of minds  because of his upper cloth,

Made of the skin of the ferocious elephant,

Who has lotus like feet which are worshipped,

By Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu,

And who has matted hair drenched by drops,

Of the waves of the holy river Ganga,

And so what can God of death do to me?

यक्षराजसखं भगाक्षहरं भुजंगविभूषणं
शैलराजसुतापरिष्कृतचारुवामकलॆबरम् ।
क्ष्वॆलनीलगलं परश्वधधारिणं मृगधारिणं
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ५ ॥

Who is friend of Lord Khubhera,

Who destroyed the eyes of Bhaga,

Who wears serpent as ornament,

Whose left part of the body is decorated,

By the daughter of the king of mountain,

Whose neck is blue because of the poison,

Who is armed with an axe,,

And who carries a deer with Him,,

And so what can God of death do to me?

कुण्डलीकृतकुण्डलीश्वरमण्डलं वृषवाहनं
नारदादिमुनीश्वरस्तुतवैभवं भुवनॆश्वरम ।
अन्धकान्तकमाश्रितामरपादपं शमनान्तकं
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ६ ॥

Who wears the ear studs made of a curling serpent,

Who is the great one being praised by Narada and other sages,

Who is the Lord of the entire earth,

Who is the killer of Anthakasura.

Who is the wish giving tree to his devotees,

And who is the killer of God of death,

And so what can God of death do to me?

भॆषजं भवरॊगिणामखिलापदामपहारिणं
दक्षयज्ञविनाशनं त्रिगुणात्मकं त्रिविलॊचनम् ।
भुक्ति मुक्ति फलप्रदं सकलाघसंघनिबर्हणं
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ७ ॥

Who is the doctor who cures sorrowful life,

Who destroys all sorts of dangers,

Who destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha,

Who is personification of three qualities,

Who has three different eyes,

Who bestows devotion and salvation,

And who destroys all types of sins,

And so what can God of death do to me?

भक्तवत्सलमर्चतां निधिमक्षयं हरिदम्बरं
सर्वभूतपतिं परात्परमप्रमॆयमनुत्तमम् ।
चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ८ ॥

Who is worshipped as darling of devotees,

Who is the treasure which is perennial,

Who clothes Himself with the directions,

Who is the chief of all beings,

Who is beyond the unreachable God,

Who is not understood by any one,

Who is the holiest of every one,

And who is served by moon, water, sun, earth,

Fire, ether , boss and  the Wind

And so what can god of death do to me?

विश्वसृष्टिविधायिनं पुनरॆव पालनतत्परं

संहरन्तमपि प्रपञ्चमशॆषलॊकनिवासिनम् ।

क्रीडयन्तमहर्निशं गणनाथयूथसमन्वितं

चन्द्रशॆखरमाश्रयॆ मम किं करिष्यति वै यमः ॥ ९ ॥

Who does the creation of the universe,

Who then is interested in its upkeep,

Who at proper time destroys the universe,

Who lives in every being of the universe,

Who is  plays day and night with all beings,

Who is the leader of all beings,

And who is like any one of them,

And so what can god of death do to me?


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